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Unskilled Jobs In Italy 2023 – Online Apply

Unskilled Jobs In Italy 2023: Unskilled labor is necessary for the operation of many different aspects of the economy as a whole. Because many businesses are looking to fill unskilled labor positions, it is often not necessary to have extensive prior training or experience in order to apply for these jobs.
You can submit an application for a variety of positions, including ones in the food and agriculture industries as well as others that don’t call for an excessive number of prerequisites.
If you are looking for low-skilled work in Italy, read this post, locate a position that seems like it would be a good fit for you in terms of your attitude and talents, and then apply for it.
The term “unskilled labor” is used to describe jobs in which employees are not required to make use of any of their skills, reasoning, or intellectual abilities in the course of their everyday work activities.

Details About Unskilled Jobs In Italy 2023

Unskilled Jobs In Italy 2023
Unskilled Jobs In Italy 2023

Because jobs requiring unskilled labor typically do not have any particular educational requirements for their employees, it is possible for almost anyone to work in jobs requiring unskilled labor.
The employment of unskilled workers is essential to the proper operation of enterprises, and this type of work makes up a significant portion of the workforce in the modern era.

In occupations requiring unskilled labor, skills such as being able to operate machines, managing tasks that are repetitive, and applying processes are prized.

The following are some of the most common forms of low-skilled employment in Italy:

  • Pub/Bar/Restaurant
  • The preparation of food Worker\sHotel Housekeeper
  • Worker in the Cleanup Crew
  • Laborers in the Agricultural Sector
  • Stocking Associate Airport Baggage handler Taxi Driver Forklift Driver Delivery driver/Chauffeur Delivery driver/forklift Driver
  • Messenger
  • Cashiers
  • Staff Member at a Grocery Store
  • The guard at the entrance
  • Workers on the Construction Site
  • The movie theatre’s ticket counter
  • Steward/Stewardess
  • jobs in factories, parking lots, catering businesses, and many others are available.

Jobs for the Unskilled That Are Currently Available In Italy:

Be aware that Marriott Careers is accepting applications from Italian citizens as well as citizens of other countries for its various open opportunities; these jobs are open to people from all around the world.


The first W Hotel to open in Italy, W Rome, is looking for a Stockroom Clerk to join their team.

The Purchasing Manager is accountable for the Stockroom Clerk’s performance, while the Stockroom Clerk is responsible for the management of the hotel’s stockrooms.

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What you’ll do:

Merchandise must be received and staged according to the department, suitably marked for placement inside the facility, and then delivered to the relevant department.
Merchandise that has been received should be stacked on pallets or carts.
Fill out requisition paperwork for the necessary supplies and inventories.
Notify the manager or supervisor as soon as possible about low stock levels.
Take in deliveries, make sure to properly store perishable items, and rotate your stock.
Verify that all case lots have the same level of freshness, cleanliness, consistency, and quality by inspecting the delivery and the date times.
You should decline to accept goods that are broken, inappropriate, or wrong.

Requirements for Storekeeper Jobs:

  • Previous experience managing stockrooms and/or inventory
  • Italian language
  • A comprehension of the workings of the stockroom in the hospitality industry
  • Reliability, Motivation, attention to details
  • the attitude of optimism and extrovert personality
  • a focus on providing service to customers

Attendant-Food and Beverage:

Carry out all of the tasks associated with closing, such as putting away all of the reusable goods, disassembling the goods, cleaning all of the equipment and areas, relocating the equipment to its appropriate spots, locking refrigerators, restocking items, turning off lights, locking doors, and completing the daily cleaning checklist.

Organize, stock, and take care of the work areas. Before using any china, glass, or silver, make sure that it is spotless and is presented in an attractive manner. Maintain the cleanliness of the work areas throughout the day by following clean-as-you-go protocols and ensuring that they are cleaned thoroughly after each task.

Front Desk Agent:

Handle each and every check-in for a guest by validating their reservations, allocating their rooms, and providing and activating their room keys.
Take care of any and all forms of payment, including room costs, cash, cheques, debit, and credit cards.
Complete each and every check-out, which includes settling any late or disputed charges that may have arisen.
They answer, record, and process all visitor calls, messages, requests, questions, or complaints.
Maintaining a record of which guest rooms are ready for check-in requires close coordination with housekeeping.
Guests and visitors should be informed of the parking procedures, and bell service and valet employees should be dispatched as necessary.
Provide guests with information and directions regarding the property as well as points of interest in the surrounding area.
In addition to identifying any special requests and ensuring that the reports are accurate, run daily reports that detail the number of arrivals and departures.
Carry out the duties specified for the cashier, as well as the closing reports, in the computer system.
Checks written by guests and traveler’s checks should be cashed.
Perform a count bank at the start and finish of each shift.
To bring the revenues into balance and comply with the accounting requirements, drop them.

Butler Service Desk:

Please ensure that all visitor calls, requests, questions, and complaints are answered, recorded, logged, and processed.
Switch telephone calls at the switching station.
Handle requests from guests for wake-up calls, screening calls, “do not disturb” signals, call forwarding, conference calls, TDD relay calls, and calls from guests who have not yet registered.
Inform the guest of any communications that have been received.
Check in with callers who are on hold to get an update on their situation and offer to take messages if the line is busy or no one is answering it.
It is imperative that you are able to receive, record, and transmit messages in a clear and legible manner.
Depending on the circumstances, turn on or off the message lights in the guest rooms.
Provide guests with instructions on how to access the internet, and direct those guests who are experiencing difficulties to the provider’s customer care line.
Conduct tests on the communication equipment to confirm that it is operating correctly.
Attend to the special requests of visitors who have specific requirements.
Make the necessary calls to the right personnel or departments in order to resolve any problems, questions, or requests that have been raised by guests.
Maintain contact with guests to ascertain whether or not their concerns or questions have been satisfactorily addressed.

In the Bulgari Hotel Roma:

Ensures that the property’s guest rooms, public spaces, and employee areas are all kept clean and well-maintained by managing the housekeeping functions and employees on a regular basis.

Directs all housekeeping operations and collaborates with the team to ensure they are carried out effectively. focuses on maximizing the department’s financial success while also working to improve the overall satisfaction of both customers and employees.

It is your obligation to check the regions under your purview and come up with a plan to improve the outcomes of those inspections.


  • A high school graduation or General Equivalency Diploma (GED), and at least three years of experience working in housekeeping or a comparable professional sector.
  • OR a degree of at least two years in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality, Business Administration, or a comparable major from an approved university; a minimum of three years of experience working in housekeeping or a related professional sector.

The average salary for unskilled workers in Italy is:

Due to the fact that Italy does not have a minimum wage, there is no legally mandated minimum hourly salary or rate of pay for workers in Italy.
Pay rates are required to be negotiated directly with the employer through collective bargaining or any other method in order to reach an agreement on a living wage that is fair.

The national average gross pay in Italy is approximately €44,640 per year, which is equivalent to €3,720 each month.

Application Procedure

Use the apply button down below to narrow down your search for a job position within Marriott careers to one that is a good fit for you. This post highlights all of the available opportunities that are available within Marriott careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I simply get work in Italy?

The Italian labor market is extremely competitive, particularly for non-native speakers. However, many of the greatest positions in Italy are solely available to natives, making it difficult for foreigners to acquire employment.

What jobs are in greatest demand in Italy?

The jobs with the highest demand in Italy in 2023
Manual workers.
Marketing specialists.

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